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An Oil change?

That's not vehicle maintenance. That is engine lubrication system maintenance. To call this a service interval is to ignore 90% of the vehicle.

Most people's definition of maintenance: getting something fixed when it breaks. My friends, this is not maintenance, it's repair. We would be happier if we did more maintenance and less repair. We actually make more profit, and have happier customers that bring others back. It forms a good reputation.

The perfect maintenance schedule would mean NO REPAIRS. Things break because they wear out. If those parts are lubricated, they don't break. If something is wearing out, it's better to have it discovered in the shop than displayed on the side of the freeway. A small leak turns into a big leak, then turns into other broken parts.

So, what do you think is cheaper? A drive through oil change under the corner cartoon character? Or someone that knows your car looking it over like a surgeon.