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  • It is best to talk to us about your car and customize a plan using what is in your owner's manual. However, every car has different needs, even cars of the same make and model. Our job is to make your car last as long as it can without using up time and money. Real maintenance is not the repairing of the broken, it is finding the problems that lead to breakdowns before they happen. Our service procedures that are available for viewing at the shop are designed to do just that. Go ahead and compare what we include in a service to others. Our list may seem a bit overkill, but it is based on years of experience and it doesn't cost extra.

  • A simple way to keep track of vehicle services is to divide them into 3 categories; The minor service, the intermediate service and the major service. Each is specific to the car being serviced, Based on the vehicle specifications, and years of experience. It can be costly to assume that a car only needs oil changes every 3.000 miles.

  • The use of your car can also have a major afect on maintenance procedures and schedules. Is your car the kid taxi ? Are you a heavy stop and go commuter? Maybe this is your sentimental ride, and you coast it down the freeway a couple of times a month. There may be cases where you should consider the amount of time in months instead of miles, or a combination of both.